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Throughout official Transformers history, there are many gaps, unfilled plot holes, unfinished sagas, and what-not. For example: What happened between Transformers #80 and Transformers: Generation 2 #1, and how were the rest of the Actionmasters introduced during that time? How did the G2 comic saga eventually end, and how did the remaining G2 toys get brought into the story during this time? How did the rest of the G1 cartoon saga, then the G2 cartoon saga afterward, play out, and how were toy characters like Powermaster Optimus Prime, the Pretenders, and the new G2 toy character cast become part of this saga? How did the BW and BMac comic book continuity stories play out, and which toys from those lines were there in the stories?

All transfiction stories done by people with these intentions have been taken, in attempt to best answer these questions, and put here into one place...the Transformers Addendum! Each continuity page stores all the links to different stories that help fill in the missing parts of that continuity. These continuities are: Japan Cartoon Continuity, U.S. Cartoon Continuity, U.S. Comic Continuity, and U.K. Comic Continuity. You can also find original, alternate continuity stories, like What if?'s and new TF universes, in the Alternate Continuity section. We accept submissions for all continuities! Just click on one of the links below:

Last Updated: 4/29/02

New TF Addendum fanfic subscription list added (in replacement to the old one)!

New title, Transformers & Star Wars, now up in Alternate Continuities section!

The Transformers Generation 1 cartoon continuation is preparing to release it's first virtual episode sometime in February. Check out the site for more details.

Transformers 2099 fanfic comic series web site now up in Alternate Continuities section!

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