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In Fall of 1984, one of the most popular children's cartoons aired for the first time: "Transformers." Accompanied by its equally-popular toys and separate-continuity comic series that came with it, thanks to Hasbro, Transformers became a cult phenomenon that lasts to today. It was a fascinating story about alien robots from a robotic world -- robots who could think and feel like any organic life form, as well as transform their bodies into various vehicles, animals, and mechanical devices -- doomed to millions of years of planetary civil war. One side, the evil Decepticons, led by Megatron, fought for conquest of the universe. The other side, the heroic Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, were dedicated to protect all life in the universe, and the other robots of their planet, from the threat the Decepticons posed. Eventually their war was taken to Earth in 1984, where they aquired new transformations based on the machines and animals that existed there, for disguise. Over the couse of the series, many changes took place -- some characters died, others reborn -- but the war went on. The show finally ended in the fall of 1987, with the 3-part season 4 episode called "The Rebirth," due to low toy sales and low show ratings, partly because of unpopular developments in the show, including the "fazing-out" of old characters who's toys were no longer in production. The comics and toys continued to be made until the early 90's, followed by the short-lived "Generation 2" Transformers toy line from 1993-1995, which had only a comic to follow it.

But what if things had happened differently? What if Hasbro hadn't cancelled the show? What if they had continued it, and had been more lenient with its writers about what characters could and couldn't be in the show (such as Optimus Prime coming back in late season 3) from then on to revive it's popularity, while still adhering to the rule of introducing the next toy characters into the show? What would the show have been like? Here, we the fans continue the show this way, hoping to answer these questions along the way.

New and old fans alike have been treated to the next Transformers cartoon incarnations: Beast Wars and Beast Machines, two computer-animated Transformer shows done by Mainframe Entertainment from 1996-2001, the two first Transformer series since the original from the 80's, and, the current one, Transformers: Robots In Disguise, a cel-animated, japanese animation TF cartoon imported from Japan, which currently airs on the FoxKids Network on Saturday morning. These are great shows, but fail to answer what happened inbetween the time between them and the end of the original show, a question which we here hope to answer for ourselves.

Current Status: In Production

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The first episode of Transformers' virtual season 4, now slated to be called Legend of the Monsters, has been delayed. PVTransformers apologizes for the inconvienence. The second draft of the episode is being done now, and should be up sometime in March or April. Also, a new set of polls to vote on are being put on this site today. The first one should already be up, and is a new version of the poll that was lost to this site before. Keep checking back for more updates!

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First virtual episode scheduled to be released sometime in February 2002! Exact date unknown.

PVT Transformers is currently STALLED in production! If you want to join and help continue the G1 cartoon saga, feel free. We need all the help we can get!

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