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Staff Openings in PVTF

Interested in being part of the staff of PVTF? Then look no further. Here are the current openings:

WRITERS: We currently have about 9-10 writers right now, but we're *ALWAYS* looking for more! You a fan of Transformers, have seen the original episodes, and want a crack at contributing your ideas for the "show?" Or maybe you're a newbie, but have been able to "catch up" by already seeing many of the original episodes, and have ideas too? If so, then come on down!

EDITORS: Looking for people good, if not great, at spelling, grammar, and even continuity editing (making sure the "episodes" are all written out to make sense with each other, story-wise)?

ARTISTS/ANIMATORS: Looking for those who can imitate the show's animation, and/or Japanese animation, as well as those who can do other art.

PROMOTION/WEB SITE HTML CODING/SOUND EDITING/MUSIC: Looking for people good to great at these skills as well.

If any of these positions apply to you, or you can think of another job you can do for the group, petition to join our free staff e-list, and e-mail me as well on what you can offer our group.