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The American Cartoon Episodes Listings

Here is the entire listing of American Transformers cartoon from the 1980's, including the movie, listed in production/airing order (not always 100% accurate to true chronological order). The different "season intro" links in the lists are the different, 30-second season intros shown at the beginning of each episode, right before the episode actually starts, as .AVI video/sound files, inside .ZIP files (Need the WinZip program to open these .ZIP files). They're the same things you see at the beginning of any other TV show before the actual episode starts, which plays the theme song and shows the show's characters in action. We at PVTF will be making our own season intros for our "virtual seasons," using old 1987-1990 TF toy commercials' cartoon clips, compiled into simple 30-sec intros, and posting them here, along with every new "virtual episode" each of us writes and finishes.

Season 1 (1984-1985)
Season 1 intro
1. More Than Meets the Eye - Part One
2. More Than Meets the Eye - Part Two
3. More Than Meets the Eye - Part Three
4. Transport to Oblivion
5. Roll For It
6. Divide and Conquer
7. Fire In The Sky
8. S.O.S. Dinobots
9. Fire On the Mountain
10. War of the Dinobots
11. The Ultimate Doom - Part One
12. The Ultimate Doom - Part Two
13. The Ultimate Doom - Part Three
14. Countdown to Extinction
15. A Plague of Insecticons
16. Heavy Metal War
Season 2 (1985-1986)
Season 2 intro (First one)
17. Autobot Spike
18. Changing Gears
19. City of Steel
20. Attack of the Autobots
21. Traitor
22. The Immobilizer
23. The Autobot Run
24. Atlantis, Arise!
25. Day of the Machines
26. Enter the Nightbird
27. A Prime Problem
28. The Core
29. The Insecticon Syndrome
30. Dinobot Island - Part One
31. Dinobot Island - Part Two
32. The Master Builders
33. Auto-Berserk
34. Microbots
35. Megatron's Master Plan - Part One 
36. Megatron's Master Plan - Part Two
37. Desertion of the Dinobots - Part One
38. Desertion of the Dinobots - Part Two
39. Blaster Blues
40. A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur's Court
41. The Golden Lagoon
42. The God Gambit
43. Make Tracks
44. Child's Play
45. Quest For Survival
46. The Secret of Omega Supreme
47. The Gambler
48. Kremzeek!
49. Sea Change
50. Triple Takeover
51. Prime Target
52. Auto-Bop
53. The Search For Alpha Trion
54. The Girl Who Loved Powerglide
55. Hoist Goes Hollywood
56. The Key to Vector Sigma - Part One
57. The Key to Vector Sigma - Part Two
58. Aerial Assault
59. War Dawn
60. Trans-Europe Express
61. Cosmic Rust
62. Starscream's Brigade
63. The Revenge of Bruticus 
64. Masquerade
65. B.O.T.
Season 2 intro (Second one for reruns)

Transformers: The Movie (Summer of 1986)

Season 3 (1986-1987)
Season 3 "Five Faces of Darkness" intro
66. Five Faces of Darkness - Part One
67. Five Faces of Darkness - Part Two
68. Five Faces of Darkness - Part Three
69. Five Faces of Darkness - Part Four
70. Five Faces of Darkness - Part Five
Season 3 intro
71. The Killing Jar
72. Chaos
73. Dark Awakening
74. Forever Is a Long Time Coming
75. Starscream's Ghost
76. Thief In The Night
77. Surprise Party
78. Madman's Paradise
79. Nightmare Planet
80. Ghost In The Machine
81. Webworld
82. Carnage In C-Minor
83. The Quintesson Journal
84. The Ultimate Weapon
85. The Big Broadcast of 2006
86. Fight Or Flee
87. The Dweller In the Depths
88. Only Human
89. Money Is Everything
90. Grimlock's New Brain 
91. The Call of the Primitives
92. The Face of the Nijika
93. The Burden Hardest to Bear
94. The Return of Optimus Prime - Part One
95. The Return of Optimus Prime - Part Two


Season 4 (1987)
Season 4 "Rebirth" intro
96. The Rebirth - Part One
97. The Rebirth - Part Two
98. The Rebirth - Part Three

Thanks to the TeleTran 3 CyberSite for the episode listings.

You can find episode summaries at Tranformers Universe's G1 Episode Guide site.

Also, many of the ACTUAL episodes, and the movie, listed here are still available on VHS, some of which have been rereleased on *new* VHS videos, including the movie. The Transformers movie itself was also recently rerealeased on DVD, as well as the entire run of seasons 1 and 4. All of the current and upcoming Transformers VHS video and DVD releases in the United States are by Rhino Home Video, while other companies, such as "Seville" in Canada, release stuff there.