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If you're still interested in learning more about TFs (short for Transformers), perhaps even for the first time, and/or want to be more part of the online TF community, here are links to the main sites out there for you to begin:

Official Sites:

Hasbro Toy Company's official web site: Homepage of the American company who own the TF rights, make the toys, etc.
Hasbro's Official Transformers web site: Part of Hasbro's site on the latest TF toys and information.
Mainframe Entertainment official web site: The 3D computer-animated cartoon company in Canada, responsible for the creation of the "Beast Wars" and "Beast Machines" TF cartoons.
BotCon Online: Official web site of Botcon, the annual American Transformers convension.
Japan's Takara Company official web site: Company in Japan that owns and makes Transformers, Hasbro being the U.S. toy/game production portion of the company.
Rhino Home Video: Company that currently sells Transformers cartoons on VHS and DVD (mainly in the United States).
The Internet Movie Database: Use this site to look up any info on all TF shows and/or their different voice actors, producers, animators, and more. In fact, you can use this database site to look up stuff on almost any piece of film-related material!
Hard Hero: Company making the new Transformers mini-bust statues!

Unofficial Sites:

Benson Yee's Unoffical Beast Wars/Beast Machines FAQ Site: Mainframe's official "TF Story Consultant" for Beast Wars and Beast Machines, offers this site to fans to look up all the info you could need on the "Beast" TF lines. Official web site for Transformer fans all over the world, *by* a transfan, with extra TF info and other TF resources.
Transformers Archive: Contains even more resources for use by transfans. One of the best places to get the latest info on TFs by fans, with a CTLP section, listing all known TF web site URLs, and more. Another big site for TF info!
Matrix Annex: Online, fan-made, TF fanzine! Another great TF site with LOADS of stuff!
Lexicon: Great place for more TF info!
Jon Hartman's International Tech Spec Archive: Contains most to all existing TF toy tech specs (profiles of different TF characters on the back of their packaging).
The Ark Archives: Contains all TF toy catalogs from all over the world, and more.
The Transformers On-Line Encyclopedia: Encyclopedia web site with story/character(s) info from all official TF shows and comics.
TeleTran 3 Cybersite: A GREAT site for info on the TFs in general, especially the cartoons and movie!'s Transformers Universe
Who's Who in the Transformers Universe
THE RUINS OF CYBERTRON: Great site that contains a fan-made TF role-playing game, and detailed TF toys release order lists from 1984-1997.
Transformers Extreme: Contains many things, such as different TF episodes for download at different times (Need Real Player program to play them on your computer).
Greg Gaub's Transformers Page: One of the best fan-made TF pages on everything TF.
Rob Jung's Transformers Toy List: Currently down.
All Spark Board
Radio-Free Cybertron
Alpha Trion's Database
Ark North: Has old, unused TF cartoon scripts.
Dave's BW Page: Contains the latest info on current, and upcoming, TF toys.
The Lexicon: Another great page that contains links, more unused scripts, and more.
Rockman666's "Transformers: Robots In Disguise" Site:'s personal TF site, and one of the best!

Message Boards:

GI Joe/Transformers Message Board: The first decent GI Joe/Transformers board in quite a long time!

Other TF Fanfiction Groups/Archives:

Marvel Universe: Transformed: Fanfic group revolving around a world where Marvel super-heroes and TFs exist in the same universe. Founded and run by
Primus Comics: Fanfic group where everyone does their own thing. About to start a new, shared universe saga very soon. Founded and run by
HotRod2316's Transformers Addendum Fanfiction Archive: TF fanfic archive dedicated to filling-in all the missing gaps in official TF history, and doing some original work as well. Founded and run by me,

UK TF Comics Scans & For Sale Sites: