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Here are some frequently-asked questions that you or others coming to this site may have:

1)What is the point behind the this "Transformers Addendum" fanfic archive?

It's an archive of all fanfiction done to complete all sagas in the four official TF continuities, as well as provide an "Alternate Universe" archive for new and original fanfictional takes on the TF saga.

2) I like the idea of having a TF fanfiction archive like this. How can I contribute?

If you want to contribute, you first need to realize that there are setup rules in most of these established series, so go through the Submissions page to see what those rules are. Some titles have different submission requirements than others, all which are listed on that page. After reading all that, just e-mail me your submission.

3) Will this group do other type of fill-in-the-blank stuff, like what happened on Cybertron after the Ark crashed on Earth, or what happened on Cybertron from the beginning of the war to when the Ark crashed, and other stuff like that?

I've been getting a lot of these requests, and I've decided to go for it! However, I'd first like the get all five TF eras (G1, G2, BW, MW, and BM) completed for the main continuities first, THEN a writer can do some of that other-type suggested filling-blank stuff, and use all that's established from the five different completed eras as his/her continuity to work with/around. If you'd like to sign up for eventually doing a story like this, just e-mail me a submission for it.

*You* got any questions you'd like to add to this list? E-mail me.