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Submission Guidelines

So you'd like to contribute/donate TF fanfiction to this site? Well, there are some rules for certain TF fanfics for certain continuity catagories:

Japan Cartoon/US Comic/US Cartoon/UK Comic Continuity title rules:

Rule #1) Toy Introduction: In order to make the comic/show "continuations" (like G1 and G2 U.S. comics, & G1 U.S. cartoon) sound like actual continuations, introducing the next in-line toys that the comic/show should have itself if it hadn't been cancelled, in the same or similar way to how they did it, is vitally important to each title. This also has to be done for "newly-started sagas" (like BW, MW, and BM sagas for both comic continuities, and G2 & MW sagas for the U.S. cartoon continuity).

Rule #2) Fitting in with rest of continuity: "Continuations" and "newly-started sagas" of one of the four main continuities need to fit in with the official stories, and other unofficial continuations in the Addendum, of that continuity.

Alternate Continuity title rules:

Transformers: What if...? (A Submissions-Accepting Series):

Rule #1) Keeper is host: As with the Watcher with Marvel Comics' What If? series, ours has it's own narrator: The Keeper (from TF #61). The Keeper, if you don't know, is the guardian of Primus at the center of Cybertron (in U.S. comic continuity). You can use him to narrate your given What if? proposed story, or let the editor add him in there as narrator for you.

Rule #2) Any continuity, official or fanficiton-only, can be used: Your submitted what if? story can be based on any TF continuity, whether one of the official four, or any alternate fanfic one, or whatever.

Rule #3) Stating the deviation point: Somehow, somewhere, and in someway, in your submitted What if? story, you must tell (in any way you like) how this timeline deviates from the normal one of whichever continuity it's apart of.

Transformers: --------- Vs./Meets --------- (A Submissions-Accepting Series):

Rule #1) Must have TF(s) fighing-against/meeting other TFs or some other group or person, from real life or fiction: These issue entries need to have a TF, or group type of TFs, face-off-against/meet-up-with some other TF, group type of TFs, or some other entity or entities, either fictional or nonfictional. These stories can be done in any way you like.

*Any proposed new series*:

Rule #1) Anything goes: If this isn't meant to tie into anything else, and is just an original Alternate Universe series (like being based on a fan-created TF universe/continuity, or a different continuation of an official continuity), then there are no rules. Feel free to totally express yourself for what you want your Alt. Continuity series to be like!