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Alternate Continuities

Here's where original, nonlinear, and other great Transformers fanfic can be found on this site. Some listed here are already-established titles, and the only ones with "issue-submission guidelines" (What If? & Vs./Meets), while others are new creations for various writers with total freedom on where they take them! Check these out!

Transformers: What if...?
By Various. (Coming Soon!)
Read the Submissions page for how to submit an issue story.

Transformers: --------- Vs./Meets ---------
By Various.
Read the Submissions page for how to submit an issue story.

Transformers Unlimited
By Various. (Coming Soon!)
Instructions for submissions on Submissions page coming soon.

MST3K: Transformers
By Various. (Coming Soon!)

Transformers 2099
By HotRod2316. (Coming Soon!)

Transformers & Star Wars
By (Coming Soon!)

*YOU* got an original idea for a series you'd like to add here? Then e-mail me!

Here are some links to other great independent Transfiction out there on the web:

Matt Choiniere's Beast Wars season 4: Survivors: A continuation of the Beast Wars show. Coming soon!
Matt Choiniere's Beast Wars: Alternate Season 2: An alternate take on season 2 of Beast Wars. Coming soon!
FlameStrike's Lair: FlameStrike's transfiction site based on U.S. cartoon continuity.
Marvel Universe: Transformed: Fanfic group based on a shared Marvel/Transformers Universe.
Primus Comics: Fanfic group that does it's own, independent TF fanfiction.

Want to add your TF fanfic site to my list, and increase the traffic your TF fanfic site gets? Then send me the URL via e-mail to me by clicking here!