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Addendum Writers' References Sites

Here is a list of all the web sites that writers contributing to the Addendum Archive can use as references for when they need info on characters, stories, etc. concerning Transformers.

The Transformers On-Line Encyclopedia: Everything you need to know on character and story history in the TF Universes.
TeleTran 3 Cybersite: Complete tech specs archive of all G1, G2, and MW Autobots and Decepticons, and many BW Maximals and Predacons. Plus, info on the TF movie, toys, comics, and more.
THE RUINS OF CYBERTRON: Contains complete Transformer toylists from 1984-1997.
Benson Yee's BW/BM F.A.Q. Page: The *ultimate* place on the web for info concerning everything Beast Wars and Beast Machines!
The Ark Archives: Contains All American G1 catalog scans from 1984-1990, and other toy pictures from around the world!'s "The Unofficial Guide to Transformers: 1980s Through 1990s": Recommended book on Transformers to buy for info on original toy release dates and other useful information.
Transformers Extreme Site's TF video download section: Download available episodes from all the different Transformers series.
Greg Gaub's Transformers Page: Get a list of every TF fan online artist in existance and MORE!
Rob Jung's Transformers Toy List: Comprehensive Toy List of Transformers.