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Transformers: --------- Vs./Meets ---------

What would be like if a TF or TF group met (and maybe fought) another TF or TF group, or perhaps some other ficitonal and/or nonficitonal characters? How would it all play out? Here, *YOU* can decide how that would happen! Here's what we got so far:

Mega Man Vs. the Decepticon Cassettes by Kasady Voorhees: The Decepticon Cassettes meet up with (and take on) Mega Man and his pals in their universe!
Wheelie Vs. Godzilla by Perrin1982: Wheelie takes on Godzilla...ON CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH!!!
TM3 Godzilla Megatron Vs. ?????????? by Perrin1982: Part 2 of Perrin's TF Celebrity Deathmatch, continuing after "Wheelie Vs. Godzilla"!!!

Want to add an idea of yours here? Then tell me about it by just sending me an e-mail by clicking here!