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So you'd like to contribute to DC 2099? Please read these instructions before doing so:

*Joey Cavalieri, original Editor in Chief of the Marvel 2099 comics line, set up some standards for all Marvel 2099 characters and titles. DC 2099 strictly goes by his rules, as if it was him running this group, to make it just as "2099-like" as Marvel 2099. Here are some main established "Marvel 2099 character/title standards/styles" that two people from the [Marvel] 2099 UG message board, "The Driver" and "Vengence," revealed. These are all what makes a Marvel 2099 character/title, which would also apply to DC 2099 characters/titles as well. Here are the Driver's 2099 title/character standards:*

"...three factors are VITAL in making the character a "2099" character:

1) The main character risks losing their integrity i.e. being compromised as they discover how pervasive the megacorps' interests influence society. Example - eating a Synthia-burger is addictive, as it's been laced with a Rhapsody derivative that'll make you crave another one. But what else can you afford to eat?

2) Compared to his/her twencen counterpart, the hero and his/her secret identity can share no more than three of the following:

A)similar name
B)similar look
C)similar personality
D)similar origin
E)similar abilities

3) Conflicts should not depend on slugfests, but on the pitting of metahuman vs megacorp. The primary "villain" should be a non-superhero, whose powers are might and authority from their position within a megacorp. In one of his early interviews, Cavalieri set up the archetype by saying that given 21st century technology, a superpowered individual could barely go toe-to-toe against what the megacorps have at their disposal. Unpowered individuals have no choice but to bow to the megacorps or risk being cut off from life's neccesities.

The Driver"

"The Driver" also mentioned that Cavalieri requested all direct references to twencen (present-day) characters/chronologies/etc. not occur in the 2099 books. This means that 2099 is meant as a *definate* future, so the final fates of any characters, and storylines concerning them, must not be revealed. 2099 Writers are also encouraged to come up with their own theories on how the twencen Heroic Age ended (ours being the present DC Heroic Age), and hint at them in their stories if they want, but never reveal them totally, saying "this is what really happened in the end." To make 2099 a definate future, and since we don't know how the current DC heroic age eventually ends, these rules must also be followed.

Here's a list of "2099-styles" from Vengence:
"A lot of things make a 2099 character except:

Anti-magic factors! A character from the original universe usually loses any mystical nature (eg. Thor, Ghost Rider, etc.). Strange is the single exception. Salem as well but no twencen counterpart.

Energy is down. While a lot of characters from the twencen (eg. Hulk, FF, Wonder Man, etc.) derive their powers from energy sources their are again comparitively few in 2099. Two exceptions, Hulk 2099 and Paradox.

Psionics: An under used source in most comic book universes. Usually apeals to biology (mutants) or energy (The Leader) to substantiate it. As far as I have seen, only mutants of 2099 maintain such abilities.

Biology-Mutants, Spiderman, Morbius, Captain America (see 2099 Unlimited!) And that is about it.

Technolgy: The most often used in 2099! A lot of robots with consciousness of both twencen and 2099 personas, either Artificial or human. Also a plentitude of nano-enhanced beings.

There aren't any hard and fast rules but this is how the geneology has progressed. If you are thinking of introducing your own character the best rule is make it original. Try using the metaphysical (Magic, Psionics) in your origins. Biological and energy born (which includes sub-atomic particles) is also character starved. If your compelled to use technology please PLEASE to make ANOTHER redundant nano-freak or robot!


*If you still are not so sure how to deal with the DC 2099 world, you can also read DC 2099 #0, and check out all the past Marvel 2099 comics, and compare them to present-day Marvel version books, and get an idea how a 2099 universe works. We want DC 2099 to be the same to Marvel 2099 in premise and setup in everyway, just with different megacorps, heroes, villians, and other signature DC comics thing.*

*DC 2099 has the exact same proposal rules that the [Marvel] 2099 UG has, so check out the [Marvel] 2099 UG's Submissions page for full info on how to submit to us. Just be sure to send your final submission to the EiC of DC 2099.*

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