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Latest news from DC 2099:

Listing of currently-planned Summer 2001 Reboot titles announced! They are:

Batman 2099 by HotRod2316
Superman 2099 by Joshua Payne
Superboy 2099 by Tony Thornley and/or Jediknightwing
Titans 2099 by Nafai_dc

More are also likely to happen for the reboot, but this is the definate series list so far. Stay tuned for more updates at later times. Again, the DC 2099 Reboot begins in Summer 2001.

1) Writers assigned for NINE titles for the reboot/relauch this fall! Stories are currently in production at, and the titles will be announced in either October or November! The reboot/relaunch will commence shortly after!

Writers are:

Joey Guerra
Peter Almeida, Jr.
Tony Thornley
Ryan May
and Joshua Payne!

2) New possible co-writer for Batman 2099 found: "Mr. Sinister", from the alvaro Spider-Man message board! Talks between writers currently underway! Previous announced co-writer, Mike Humphrey, departed the position to pursue other fanfic interests.

3) Editors are artists are still needed for DC 2099! Also possible AEiC or Co-EiC position! E-mail me if interested.

1) New Writers Needed for DC 2099 Reboot!: New writers and new series ideas are needed for the DC 2099 Reboot, coming soon. If you've got an idea, let me know! Or if you're interested in doing art or editing duties, *also* let me know! Thank you!

1) Co-writer for Batman 2099 found!: Mike Humphrey, aka V-Man, is co-writing Batman 2099 with HotRod2316! Expect the first issue to be released within at least a few weeks!

2) DC 2099 gets REBOOTED!: All DC 2099 titles and issues (except DC 2099 #0, Superman 2099 #1, all of Superboy 2099, and all of the upcoming Batman 2099) will be trashed, with some maybe restarted as well! This will also occur within the next few weeks, near the time of Batman 2099 #1's release!

3) Joey Guerra (from 2099 UG fame) joins DC 2099!: Good ol' Joey Guerra, who wrote the first 12 issues of Punisher 2099 UG for the 2099 UG, is interested in helping out with DC 2099! What will he write? Find out soon!

4) DC 2099 gets redesigned!: Artists are being asked to come aboard and help redesign the DC 2099 site, as well as provide images for DC 2099 characters! Want to help? Just e-mail me!

5) HotRod2316 takes over as EiC: With Lierson Morias gone, I, HotRod2316, am now EiC! Please come to me for any questions, proposals, or whatever you have. Thanks.

1) Demon's Head 2099 one-shot by Mike Sacal *Rejected!*: I regret to inform DC 2099 readers and staff that Sacal's Demon's Head 2099 one-shot story, to have appeared in the first issue of "Legends of the DC Universe 2099," was rejected in the end, due to editorial and creative differences between Sacal and myself. The one-shot story did have a lot of good things about it, but it just didn't fit with DC 2099's "definate future" premise.

2) Lierson Morias leaves Editor in Chief position!: Due to problems in real life, EiC Lierson Morais has left his position as...well, EiC. I've now taken over as EiC, but would rather settle for being AEiC again, and with someone else as EiC. This person would have to: Know a TON about Marvel 2099, how it works, and what Cavalieri intended for it, and at least a fair understanding of both the Marvel and DC Universes. Please e-mail me if you'd like to try out for Editor in Chief of DC 2099. Thank you.

3) Looking for suggestions on how to improve the DC 2099 Submissions page, as well as DC 2099 site itself: Have *you* read the DC 2099 submissions page? Do you think it should be different in any way to get more people to submit story ideas? Please e-mail me with your suggestions.

4) DC 2099 still looking for more artists: Are you an artist? Would you like to help the writers create images of title logos, characters and/or places from their stories? If so, please e-mail them individually so this can all get undway.

NEWS section updated and maintained by HotRod2316.


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