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Logo by: Lierson Morais

                             Lots of sites we enjoy, related to fanfiction, comics, and more.

HEROES FANZINE: THE site about fanfic news, previews, reviews and sites. Updated monthly.

CFAN FANZINE: Another fanzine, like HEROES.

THE COSMIC POWERS FAN FICTION GROUP: Silver Surfer-related fanfiction group. NICELY done!

DC COMICS: The original universe! Message boards, AOL chats, pictures, comic subscription, etc.

SECOND AGE OF APOCALYPSE: Created by Superboy 2099 writer,Tony Thornley,and maintained by DC 2099 EiC Lierson Morais, a tale of Marvel's best heroes against Apocalypse. Go visit it and help us get the Top 50 sites!

Other 2099-related sites:

2099 UnderGround: Fanfic group that continues the Marvel 2099 saga, without World of Tomorrow, and all lead-ins, having ever occurred. One of the oldest and most respected fanfiction groups.

2099 UnderGround's Message Board: The 20999 UnderGround fanfic group message board. Come and chat with other 2099 fans!

"Miguel O'Hara's" 2099 Homepage: Good fan site for Marvel 2099 info.

DYstopIa: GREAT site with lots of 2099 info!!!

Animalman1's 2099 CD Project: Homepage of Animalman1's Marvel 2099 CD project. Keep checking to see when it'll finally come out!

Doomscribe's Den of Madness: Doomscribe's personal web site tribute to Doctor Doom, and Doom 2099! He's the 2099 UnderGround's Editor In Chief, as well as writer for Doom 2099 UG fanfic series for the group. LOTS of info on this page as well, such as the unreleased video game from 1996!!!


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