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DC 2099!

Logo by: Matthew J Kuhns

The world of tomorrow is here!

The Heroic Age: A time during the twentieth, and early twenty-first century, when many great heroes across the world wore costumes and fought villans and other threats time and again. Most were centralized in various cities and countries, but all fought for the equality and freedom of all. But, as many fables do, this age eventually somehow came to it's inevitable end, and a capitolistic empire arose in it's place; finally, over time, taking total control over most governments, and even the people themselves.

Now, in the year 2099, the world's corporations (now called megacorps) own nearly everything, and everyone, in a new world order. Like Big Brother, they watch over and control the populace, giving them what they need and more to survive only by working for the megacorps (which are set in major futuristic cities) in helping them make profits. Those without megacorp status are "decreds," meaning the poor and/or homeless, who mainly congregate in the old town and ghetto areas around the world, with many of whom members of the many various "twencen" (short for "twentieth century," and even "early twenty-first century") hero worship cults, who hold faith in the belief that their great heroes of the past will one day reappear to the world, and help bring down the "gods of industry." Unfortunately, the history books themselves that tell of the heroic legends of the "twencen" contain many holes and fallicies within their retellings, as well as a major historical gap on how the Heroic Age actually ended, which later allowed the megacorps to take control. With all this going on, everything looks hopeless . . .

However, out of the darkness come new heroes, new heroes for a new kind of Heroic Age in 2099, inspired by the original heroes that came before. Some are 2099 versions of present-day heroes, others are totally original. Some are even Cyberspace-based, which has grown into a total virtual 3D world that people can "jack-into" in 2099, and exist there. Many of these heroes fight to rid the world of the megacorp menace, and reestablish human freedom and prosperity. Others fight for their own reasons. Whatever the case, a new Heroic Age has DC 2099!

DC 2099 founded and created by HotRod2316 and Lierson Morias.
Marvel 2099 originally created by Joey Cavalieri.

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